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Without You


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Words can’t give a cue

What’s life without you?

When days are so fragile

What’s sunlight without you?

While love is sans fragrance

What’s Flowers without you?

While songs are sans the rhyme

What’s that waft without you?


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Down Memory Lane

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Fragrance of her hair

What I waited for in the air

Smiles on her face

What I waited for in my dreams

Voice that clatters like water

What I waited like a suitor

Moves like a peahen

What I waited for a perfection

I go down the memory Lane

To discern she was never mine


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Blog Love

I take on the baton of Blog love from Romila

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Why I did not become a politician?

I have been brought up in a society which taught me to fight injustice at any cost. It was criminal offence to sit back and be apathetic to injustice happening to others. It was unimaginable to endure oppression and exploitation. Hence the high rhetoric of left ideologies was a natural draw for any starry eyed teenager longing to enter a man’s world. But soon the ugly realities of politics popped up, in the forms of picketing, police lathi-charge, tear-gas. Exploitation of the masses by the leaders to meet their personal ends. Ideology was just an eye wash.

Why I did not become a journalist?

I remember having gone through the turmoil of studying so much in so little time, engineering was somehow not appealing to me. It was a time when the nation was experiencing its greatest test after the emergency. The mandir-masjid was tearing the nation’s psyche into many pieces. The newspapers and the magazines were abreast at their journalistic best, in their endeavour to beat one another. It was mesmerising reads every day. But then again a sudden thought sprung up in me. The journalists are all engrossed in upping their readership oblivious of the nation’s plight. They kept on obviating the reality of the nation losing its plurality, where friends were forced to turn foes on religious lines. Journalism had lost its essence of fighting for principles, humanity and equity. I decided this was not my forte.

Why I love my blog?

I got up today morning, peeped outside to the park ahead. An elderly couple was walking hand-in-hand, the lady struggling to keep pace with her painful arthritic knees. The man was chivalrous to lend her a supporting hand through out, though he was also not in the thick of health. On the other side of the garden were young couples warming up for the Valentine’s Day, roses in hand, kisses in anticipation. I couldn’t do anything else other than write a poem in my blog.

The other day I saw how Obama was being replaced by a moron. Like the billions on this plant I was also worried what is going to happen to us, when an ecstatic maniac holds the button which if presses I’m told that a dozen nuclear bombs would be exploding at various parts of the non-American world. As usual there was nothing I could do about it, but to blog about the same.

So whenever I am stuck up or amused or irritated at various frames that life throws at you, I understand there is nothing I could do about it, but, I could always express myself through my blog. Off late in a world which is hard pressed to put restrictions on what people speak, blogging also is a risky proposition. I’m in solidarity with my brethren in Bangladesh and Pakistan who gets killed for writing blogs. All the more reason for me to love my blog that my country allows me despite all the blasphemy of intolerance to blog whatever I think is right.

But what I like the most about my blog is the fraternity of bloggers I’ve cultivated over the time. They give me the love, the same way I give them. They give me the ideas and prompts looking at what I’m good at. They give the suggestions and comments to keep me going. After all, to quote the famous lines of the hit number from Dionne Warwick – “That’s what friends are for!”


I pass on the baton of blog love to Abhinav Kumar


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Aurora or dawn

Rays slice the dark

Timber or hen

Knives piece the bark

Toddler or a patriarch

Love heals the pain

Theist or an atheist

Love seals the schism

Here I look for love

So are the rest of men

Pursuit goes on and on

Leaving the mothers behind

Alas it was late

Mother was that love.



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Why the sun has to set

When the eyes are already wet

Why souls have to depart

When life always sets us apart

Why hearts stop to beat

When heartless roam the street

Why eyes stop to flutter

When justice always stutter

Why anyone need a foe

When love always end in a woe


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Natural Enemies – Battle for Supremacy

No, I’m not talking about the Cat and Rat, or the Eagle and Snake. I’m covering the battle between the top honchos in a genre, for supremacy.

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Coke V/s Pepsi

No commercial battle has been so obvious and visible. That’s why Coke keeps on saying it’s the Real Thing, to remind a world that’s obsessed with welcoming new things, that old is gold. Pepsi never budges in keeping on instigating the new generation to be different and redeem the old generation stuff. In the process, Pepsi positions itself as a perennial youth, whereas Coke would not dither from the Grand Old Man image.

The result is an unending battle wherein whoever believes in hereditary values rooting for Coke and all the rebels battling it out for Pepsi.

Lion V/s Elephant

The big bad world v/s the small nice world. Ruthless predator v/s the gentle giant. It’s a matter of perspective. A ferocious cat who demarcates his territory and chases out all the other males from his territory to copulate endlessly with his numerous mates. A humble warrior who lives in a group sharing space with other males, protecting and looking after the infants and females.

Wherein the cat gangs up on a vulnerable Jumbo, attacking from all sides without any justice, the giant falls eventually giving up on the under the belt strategy of the rival.

World celebrates the winner and as they say end justifies the means. Lion King they say, whereas the real King shrugs with disapproval.

Tea v/s Coffee

Now the mother of all battles. A poor man’s tea versus a rich man’s coffee. Substance v/s style. Health v/s habit. Tea rules over the world because like soccer, it just has one brew. Boil water, mix milk, add a teaspoon ( yes you heard it right, it is teaspoon and not coffeespoon) and the world’s most popular beverage is ready. To hell with Cappuccinos, Lattes, Risterettos and what not. Coffee is nothing but an imitation, an ugly rich man’s unending urge to differentiate himself, and a capitalist world’s hunger for money. So all my comrades, New Year Cheers with those numerous cups of tea.

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I normally hate the LIC fellows who tactfully befriend you to make you take up insurance policies.And as a salesman myself, I could well foresee their intentions. So when one of my fellow salesmen kept on pursuing me for a retirement policy, initially I shrugged him away. I kept on preempting his advances like a beautiful lady keeps away her unwanted suitors.

The man finally proved that his graying hairs indeed showed plentiful of life’s wisdom. One day after our gruesome selling session, which involved occasional grilling by the Marwari textile mill owners to us parroting the same sales talk for an umpteenth time, he offered me to take to a place. Since I had to anyways stay back that day in the city, I thankfully obliged.

We struggled in an auto rickshaw panting and puffing through a potholed road. Finally we arrived at an age old home run by a charitable trust. Baluni, my colleague, was a well known social worker, hence we got a hearty welcome by the management of the home. After a customary cup of tea, drinking it from the saucer in true Gujarati style, we stood up to take a round of the inmates.

Every dormitory style room, we could see those pairs of old eyes, enlarged with hope, staring us. All of them were expecting their children to visit them, take them up, mend the differences and in short take them back home. Remember these were all once the parents who thought their children are the pupil of their eyes. Most of them lived for their children, setting aside their own aspirations and fantasies. Most of them struggled through out their life just to see their children happy.

I inquired about the cases. Most cases were of US settled children not wanting their parents to accompany them, or in some cases parents not wanting to leave India. Their well-to-do children saw the old age home as the ultimate solution wherein their parents are safe, have company of other old couples and enjoyed the satsungs and prayer meetings.

There were some cases which were heart breaking, as children not having enough resources, abandoning the parents. Some of them were child less couples.

Life is a great teacher. It sometimes shows what is in store for you, while you are otherwise basking in the glory of a false euphoria called success in life. Those old eyes, many of them, would never get erased from my memory. In pursuit of our material goals, Oh God, people forget their parents.

Baluni finally sold me a retirement plan.

#Compassion remains a distant dream where everyone is in a rat race!

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Guest Post- Hyderabad Tales by Romila

About the author:

This post is written by Novemberschild aka Roms who blogs at is a doctorate by education, writer and editor by profession. She loves fashion, shoes, bags and food. For her, gadgets are simply sexy and she is always found with her Ipad. She likes to relax with a cup of hot chocolate or chilled soda with a book or watching movies or listening to music under a starry night. She is a certified homebody when the moment calls for it but at the same time she loves to get out and explore from time to time. And not to miss out, she is genuinely a fun person and very friendly. You can reach her on twitter @romspeaks.

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Hyderabad –the city of pearls, biryani and Nizams is one of the largest cities and important trade center of India. Founded in 1589 by Sultan Mohammed Quli as royal capital, is now the state Telangana and Andhra Pradesh’s joint capital since 2014. Hyderabad’s 400 year old history is linked inextricably with romance and intensity.


The capital city is well connected by air, train and roadways. The city is on the global air atlas with direct flights from all over the metros of the world landing on its runway.


The city is at its best between September-February when the temperature ranges between 15 degrees to 30 degrees, otherwise its hot temperature having been known to touch 45 degrees in late May. Cottons are a comfortable option through the year to wear.


Telugu, Hindi and English are widely used, the latter in a dialect called Dakhni.


The city is famous for its Biryani but that’s not all. Andhra food is as hot as the weather while traditional Hyderabadi cuisine is spicy and oily. Must eats here are Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Andhra Chicken Curry, Lukhmi, Irani Chai, Qubani Ka Meetha, Double Ka Meetha and Osmania Biscuits.


The old city is built on the either side of Musi River. The newer city and twin city Secunderabad is on the north of Hyderabad on the shores of Hussain Sagar Lake. Stone bridge on the Musi River stands even today as testimony of a love that endured between the prince of Golconda Quli Qutub Shah and Bhagmati, the Hindu courtesan.


In the old walled city is the huge triumphal arched gate – Charminar, built in 1591 to celebrate end of plague in the city. The building made up of stone and mortar rises nearly 50 meters above its base. The monument is titled at 10 degree angle in order that it can face the direction of Mecca. Next to it is Mecca Masjid one of the largest mosques in the world. It can house 10,000 worshippers.


The ruins of Golconda Fort are 10km west of the city, build of granite, the fort covers a whole hillside. It served as a diamond market for nearby mines for many years. 50mintues light and sound show recounts the splendid history of the fort every evening. To this day, visitors will find the cannon balls that were once stacked at the gates. One mile away from Golconda Fort is 12 doorway pavilion called Taramati Baradari, where immortal love story between Abdullah Qutub Shah – 7th sultan of Golconda and Taramati – Hindu danseuse began.


Hyderabad has many museums and colleges. Osmania University is the best of its 3universities outstanding libraries are state central library and oriental manuscript library. On the southern banks of Musi River stands the Salarjung Museum, world’s biggest 1man collection museum. It houses 43,000 art objects, 50,000 books and 9000 manuscripts dating as far as back to 1 century AD. The State Archeological Museum built-in 1920 is example of Indo-Saracenic architecture is divided into Buddhist, Brahmical and Jain galleries, numismatics and Ajanta galleries. There is an Egyptian mummy preserved here which is another riveting factor.


Laad bazaar in the old city was the hub of all trade in pearls and precious stones. Today it is the house of 1000’s of shops retailing famous lac bangles, crusted with stones in psychedelia of colors. The bazaar is famous for bridal wear and fashion accessories. On the streets of this market, stores are loaded with ittars [perfumes], ittardaan, zari, surma, surmadaan, spices, mehndi, velvet, bidri crafts, silver filigree and kalamkari prints. The most famous pearl market by which Hyderabad is called is at Pathergatti near to Charminar.


In the new city one can find host of Multinational Companies who operate from the city, substantiates the multi-ethnic, adaptable and safe nature of the city. The companies that have development centres in the city are Microsoft, Accenture, ADP, Amazon, Bank of America, Computer Associates, Convergys, Dell, Deloitte, Franklin Templeton, GE, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Hyundai, IBM, Motorola, Oracle SAP AG, UBS AG, Verizon, Virtusa and major Indian IT Corporations such as HCL, Mahindra Satyam, Infosys, Wipro, Patni Computer Systems, Cognizant Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Polaris, Infotech Enterprises also function from here.


Apart from being major hub for the information technology industry in India, is home to the world’s largest film studio, the Ramoji Film City and the Telugu Film Industry, the second-largest in India called as Tollywood. It is also a sporting destination with plentiful sporting venues. The largest IMAX 3D Theatre with powerful projector in the world with24 optical focus is Prasads IMAX along with 4D Simulator is in Hyderabad. Inox, PVR Cinemas, Cine Planet, Cinemax, BIG Cinemas and Talkie Town are some other multiplexes in Hyderabad.


The city is infused with culture and its soul beats with echo of its magnificent past. It embraces everyone with warm affability. Hyderabad is truly one of the cities which make India proud.