11 Iconic Fevicol Ads That Will Blow Your Mind With Their Wit & Creativity!


Mad Over Marketing

The creative strategy of Fevicol has always been to rise above the physical bonding of tables and chairs, and instead bond with the consumers by taking a strategy that is metaphorical. These gems by Fevicol over the years will prove it :

1. Cut, copy, paste. Simple!

2. Remember when this happened back in school?


3. Rural India runs on Fevicol!Fevicol

4. Zara zara touch me, touch me, touch me!fevicol-adhesive-cycle-small-74861

5. It will take a second look for you to understand this.fevicol (1)

6. December 21, 2012? Lol JK!fevicol-adhesive-end-of-the-world-600-99265

7. Smart bwoy.


8. On spot!1 Fevicol

9. Pakde rehnaaa, chodna nahiiii

10. There’s a reason no one’s sitting there. fevicol-adhesives-sea-face-small-33730

11. This was released in newspapers a day before Independence Day.10635963_765299766869293_6256737636994165762_n

Chipkale saiyan Faavicol seee



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Ebook-Review-26 Words-A to Z of short stories


Smitha Pal Sinha has done a very decent work in her short stories.

First of all, hats off for highlighting the women centric issues in an A to Z capture. Nice creativity in capturing the topics and relating with the stories. I didn’t know that there so many issues being faced by the womenfolk, thanks for bringing these to the public notice in a nice and creative way.
Having said that, she could have covered more gender-centric issues, yes, child labour and the likes were gender -centric, but it could have given a balanced view if it was gender neutral.
Social isses are bothering the boys also, for example sexual harrassment and exploitation of boys go unnoticed.
Anyways, the book is a good beginnning, I hope the author carries the spirit forward with more and better books.


Randamoozham – Book Review

Magnum Opus! MT’s talent to spot the untold story remarkably comes out in this monumental retelling of an iconic epic. The icing on the cake is the new version of Bhimsen getting embarrased by Karna in the midst of war. As justiifed by the author in the epilogue, only MT can see such nuances of a story untold.
Keralites are already aware how he made a hero out of Chathiyan Chandu overnight, bringing down to earth with a thud the blue blooded images of Unniyarcha and Aromal Chekavar, in a bold retelling of a popular folktale.
When Bhimsen along with Karna, Draupadi, Duryodhan take the laurels, the likes of Krishna,Arjun, Kunti and Yudhistar take a back seat.
Kalyanasougandhikam known to Keralites through the ubiquitous Ottamthullal narrations, loses its fragrance, in MT’s fervour bring in an earthly touch to everything. The beauty of Bhimsen adventurously looking out for the flower, in his desperation to appease Draupadi, and the disinterest she shows once having received the flower since she had already started Arjuna’s tenure, totally disregarding the pain Bhimsen had to undergo, gets no mention in MT’s version. The romance of Kalyanasougandhigam is something the reader misses in in this version. Overall, the original may lack originality, but Mahabharthma as told by the collective selves called Vyasa, is more mystic, readable, enduring and romantic than MT’s quest for originality and his venture to read the fine lines. MT, I’m afraid you won’t be counted as one of those Krishnadwaipayanas, the collective soul called Vyasa, since the version may not get accepted with the masses, who would rudely refuse to accept Krishna as just another rusty character.
I’ giving five stars sine I’m in love with this story teller since my childhood, completely bowled over by his aura, and rightfully think that his version of Mahabharat is in all liklihood is more invclined to be like what must have really happened, if at all it was a real story.

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#BlogchatterEbook Review-Life & Times of a 20 Something

Reema D’Souza has sketched out the reality of a twenty something lady through these 26 chapters. The struggles, stereo-types, social stigmas, social pressures all nicely stitched togeher making it a nice and easy read. I completed it in one sitting. I would suggest it to anyone who’s taking a long flight, a perfect read to pass 2-3 hours.

Some of the things that appealed to me are :-

  1. Staying away from home, the feeling resonates with me when I joined the Engineering college hostel, and suddenly started loving my Mom’s cooking skills.
  2. Falling in love with all its subtelty.
  3. Lazing out the sundays without doing anything, a creative skill ofcourse.
  4. Helping out the friends in their break-ups.
  5. Finding out that happiness is being ordinary.



Ebook Carnival #BlogchatterEbook

“I take on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Bushra (hyperlinked to allaboutthewoman.com) whose Ebook “A To Z Of Pregnancy” (hyperlinked to https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/a-to-z-of-pregnancy-by-dr-bushra-nausheen/ ) is also a part of the mix.

About Bushra’s Ebook: ” A to Z of Pregnancy is the Complete Guide to a healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth. After a lot of research, I found that the Pregnancy reads available are so heavy that readers believe to be learning medical books. My motto behind writing this book is to give you knowledge in entertaining, light way. This is the handy book that covers all topics of pregnancy. In this book, I’ve tried to transform all the information about pregnancy and childbirth in easy to understand language. I’ve tried my best to keep it very accurate, to the point and added interesting facts that will increase your interest and enthusiasm as your reading progress. I’ve tried my best to cover the important topics and hope this book will solve all your queries, myths, confusion and nervousness about the Pregnancy and the Child Birth. The book A to Z of Pregnancy is divided into five sections according to the different phases of pregnancy. I’ve included many questions that come to your mind while being pregnant and after pregnancy. This book is written from my experience that I’ve learned from my patients. Read now to know more about this book. “


About Blogchatter Ebook Carnival:-

It is unprecedented in near past, that so many ebooks have been published in one go. I have gone through some of these books and some of them are real gems. Thirty five diamonds are up for grabs and what are you waiting for?

This is a God-given opportunity for unknown writers like me who lack the wherewithal and contacts to create any kind of hype or hoopla. Blogchatter gives you an audience who has the class and character to appreciate what’s good and therefore can differentiate wheat from the chaff.

It is also a God-given opportunity for a reader spoiled by choice to zero in on real stuff. I repeat some of the books featured here are real gems.

About my Ebook featured in the Ebook Carnival:- 

I’m proud to say that my ebook “The Thorough Check”, got this opportunity to be featured shoulder to shoulder with these gems. This book which is getting more and more prominent with the changing political scenario in the country is a good read for somebody looking for a contemporary subject. The icing in the cake is that the political and social message has been camouflaged under the garb of a crime-thriller.

“I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Romilla (hyperlinked to Novemberschild.com) whose Ebook “The Three Flowers” (hyperlinked to https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/the-three-flowers-by-novemberschild/) is also a part of the mix.

About Romilla’s Ebook: ” This E-book has 26 Micropoems on various topics which are not bound by word, stanza or syllable rules and rhyming is optional. Themes remain at the discretion from the humorous and bizarre, to the deeply personal and political. “

Life in local train by Paresh Godhwani

Paresh has given a decent description of life in a local train. Initially I thought it was just another eulogy of the Mumbai locals. Oh! Not again.

But this was a welcome relief to read about Gujarat memu. I myself was a season ticket traveller between Vadodara and surat. Hence in could literally live the experience while reading.

I should appreciate Paresh for having withstood the ordeal for eighteen months. I could sustain it only for six months, before I grabbed the first job that came my way in Vadodara.

What Paresh has glimpsed us through is hundred percent fact. Kudos to him for having put these experiences in black and white, for some of us to savour and reminisce. Paresh, please get it edited, and relaunch it. I’m sure it will sell like hot cakes or hot packets of bharuch ni seeng.

It was a short but sweet read.



Without You


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Words can’t give a cue

What’s life without you?

When days are so fragile

What’s sunlight without you?

While love is sans fragrance

What’s Flowers without you?

While songs are sans the rhyme

What’s that waft without you?


This is written as part of #BlogChatter prompt “Without You”




Down Memory Lane

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Fragrance of her hair

What I waited for in the air

Smiles on her face

What I waited for in my dreams

Voice that clatters like water

What I waited like a suitor

Moves like a peahen

What I waited for a perfection

I go down the memory Lane

To discern she was never mine


Written for the #BlogChatter prompt #DownMemoryLane