Nun and the Bandit


Image result for p s george nun jalandhar

Decades back Doordarshan had showed an award winning movie called “The Nun and the Bandit”. It was about a nun being abducted by a bandit and coercing her for sex. She somehow brings the Bandit in to the right path though at the fag end. The bandit was floored by her selfless and humane attitude.

I’m sure all of us either through ourselves or through our near and dear ones have always experienced the goodness of these living angels. Personally for me, I had started my schooling in a school run by the nuns, thereby owing them whatever I have achieved and would achieve in life. You may differ with them on their alleged proselytisation, but never could one take away the credit away from them for their integrity and sacrifice to the cause.

What prompted me to write this was the attached picture of nuns clamouring for justice, that too from a sex predator bishop, who is being protected by the politician-clergy axis. This is a new low for the Indian polity, and also a slap on the face for Kerala state who at every drop of a hat flaunts its full literacy status and the sobriquet of “God’s own country”. It pains me that we have failed as a society when I see the plight of these altruistic women.

And rubbing salt to the wound are sexist politicians like P C George, who is questioning the sanity of complaining after the 13th sexual rendezvous, and not in the first instance. When the sexual offender is somebody as powerful as a bishop, it is natural that the woman thinks not once but many times before crying foul. P C George epitomises the sexist rot which is increasingly becoming the hall mark of Indian society.

And all this is happening in the land which has always believed that a society in which women are not respected is bound to doom. Women do not require your respect, what they need is humanity and equality. Don’t make them goddesses and worship, but allow them to live as humans.

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