Flowers for Algernon- Book Review

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It’s been a very touching experience reading this novel, I’m sure if anyone who reads this book is not teary eyed by the end, then that person would be a hard-nut sadist. Journey of a mental retard beautifully portrayed in first person, it starts with elementary English, raises us to the high standards of linguistic genius in later parts, and heart-breakingly brings the curtains back to elementary English.
It takes us closely into the sad world of mental retards, more than the ridicule and teasing they face in the public, it’s the curse and isolation they undergo inside their own houses which wets our eyes. Author has lived the life of the protoganist well enough that it would be difficult to think that the author was not a mental retard.
My only disconnect was the way three women are portrayed, the mother Rose as abusive, Alice who is used as a sex object which may not augur well for real life caretakers, Fay as a loose woman who sleeps with a stranger every other day. Sexism is least expected from such high calibre authors.
It’s very easy to connect with the people who like this novel, that they are all nice at heart. Short but Sweet Novel, I can’t wait to see the movie Charlie. Because we all have an element of Charlie in all of us.

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