Natural Enemies – Battle for Supremacy

No, I’m not talking about the Cat and Rat, or the Eagle and Snake. I’m covering the battle between the top honchos in a genre, for supremacy.

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Coke V/s Pepsi

No commercial battle has been so obvious and visible. That’s why Coke keeps on saying it’s the Real Thing, to remind a world that’s obsessed with welcoming new things, that old is gold. Pepsi never budges in keeping on instigating the new generation to be different and redeem the old generation stuff. In the process, Pepsi positions itself as a perennial youth, whereas Coke would not dither from the Grand Old Man image.

The result is an unending battle wherein whoever believes in hereditary values rooting for Coke and all the rebels battling it out for Pepsi.

Lion V/s Elephant

The big bad world v/s the small nice world. Ruthless predator v/s the gentle giant. It’s a matter of perspective. A ferocious cat who demarcates his territory and chases out all the other males from his territory to copulate endlessly with his numerous mates. A humble warrior who lives in a group sharing space with other males, protecting and looking after the infants and females.

Wherein the cat gangs up on a vulnerable Jumbo, attacking from all sides without any justice, the giant falls eventually giving up on the under the belt strategy of the rival.

World celebrates the winner and as they say end justifies the means. Lion King they say, whereas the real King shrugs with disapproval.

Tea v/s Coffee

Now the mother of all battles. A poor man’s tea versus a rich man’s coffee. Substance v/s style. Health v/s habit. Tea rules over the world because like soccer, it just has one brew. Boil water, mix milk, add a teaspoon ( yes you heard it right, it is teaspoon and not coffeespoon) and the world’s most popular beverage is ready. To hell with Cappuccinos, Lattes, Risterettos and what not. Coffee is nothing but an imitation, an ugly rich man’s unending urge to differentiate himself, and a capitalist world’s hunger for money. So all my comrades, New Year Cheers with those numerous cups of tea.

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5 thoughts on “Natural Enemies – Battle for Supremacy

  1. Which do you crave in the morning—a cup of java or a spot of tea? Popular belief labels tea as a health drink and coffee as bad. Not so! Mounting evidence suggests that both are good for you because they’re brimming with antioxidants. Coffee contains antioxidants such as quinines and chlorogenic acid. It also contains trigonelline, an anti-bacterial compound that contributes to coffee’s delicious aroma.Science can’t really say one is superior to the other, so fill your mug with whichever brew you like. To benefit from both sets of antioxidants, try this: drink one or two cups of coffee in the morning, then enjoy tea throughout the day. The next time you warm your hands around a steaming cup, thank God for His gift of antioxidants. Bottoms up!

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  2. Haha so true! I remember the Pepsi Coke war from long ago. As a child I always wondered why they were being so cruel to each other.

    But, the last part! 😛 I would give up anything for a hot cup of filter coffee. For the heady aroma, the way it tickles the tastebuds and for how it feels like home! I drink tea only if it is a place where I can’t get a good filter coffee! 😀

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