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I normally hate the LIC fellows who tactfully befriend you to make you take up insurance policies.And as a salesman myself, I could well foresee their intentions. So when one of my fellow salesmen kept on pursuing me for a retirement policy, initially I shrugged him away. I kept on preempting his advances like a beautiful lady keeps away her unwanted suitors.

The man finally proved that his graying hairs indeed showed plentiful of life’s wisdom. One day after our gruesome selling session, which involved occasional grilling by the Marwari textile mill owners to us parroting the same sales talk for an umpteenth time, he offered me to take to a place. Since I had to anyways stay back that day in the city, I thankfully obliged.

We struggled in an auto rickshaw panting and puffing through a potholed road. Finally we arrived at an age old home run by a charitable trust. Baluni, my colleague, was a well known social worker, hence we got a hearty welcome by the management of the home. After a customary cup of tea, drinking it from the saucer in true Gujarati style, we stood up to take a round of the inmates.

Every dormitory style room, we could see those pairs of old eyes, enlarged with hope, staring us. All of them were expecting their children to visit them, take them up, mend the differences and in short take them back home. Remember these were all once the parents who thought their children are the pupil of their eyes. Most of them lived for their children, setting aside their own aspirations and fantasies. Most of them struggled through out their life just to see their children happy.

I inquired about the cases. Most cases were of US settled children not wanting their parents to accompany them, or in some cases parents not wanting to leave India. Their well-to-do children saw the old age home as the ultimate solution wherein their parents are safe, have company of other old couples and enjoyed the satsungs and prayer meetings.

There were some cases which were heart breaking, as children not having enough resources, abandoning the parents. Some of them were child less couples.

Life is a great teacher. It sometimes shows what is in store for you, while you are otherwise basking in the glory of a false euphoria called success in life. Those old eyes, many of them, would never get erased from my memory. In pursuit of our material goals, Oh God, people forget their parents.

Baluni finally sold me a retirement plan.

#Compassion remains a distant dream where everyone is in a rat race!

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5 thoughts on “#Compassion

  1. Retirement plans offered by life insurance companies are bundled products, offering the benefits of both insurance and investment. Retirement planning through insurance plans is a good option to maximise your returns. However like in most investment planning exercise, you will be better placed if you start your investment planning early in your financial life and keep investing regularly. Happy that Baluni finally sold you a retirement plan..

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  2. That is a – how do I put it – thoughtful/smart way to sell retirement plans?! But the thought of abandoned old people makes me want to pull my eyes from their sockets. I sometimes think those terrorists who kill unknown people are better than children who abandon their parents! I always think of going to an oldage home but I never manage to. I should. I will.


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