Adieu to Obama

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Passing the baton needs the best of skills as a relay runner. More than the running prowess, that everybody else might be having, it is the panache with which one passes the baton, makes a runner stands apart. And this skill has made or broken the greatest of teams.

Would Obama go into the history as the one who failed to pass on the baton properly. Writing this on the eve of presidential elections, which has arguable created a furore and attention, which no other presidential race had created, may be with the exception of Nixon V/s Kennedy.

The big difference between Nixon v/s Kennedy and the present fight is that, the former was a choice between two equally good candidates, whereas the latter becomes a choice between two equally bad ones.

With the FBI upping its ante against Hillary, one clearly gets a doubt whether the President was so much unaware of Hillary’s money making spree under the guise of Clinton foundation using her powers as secretary of state?

At least the President could have used his discretion in democratic party to prevent her candidature.

Grand old party’s dalliance with a maverick womaniser has spoiled the party’s image forever, not to speak of the damage done to Brand America.

In this goof up of both parties, what gets spoiled is the name of one of the best orator Presidents and finest human beings.

Obama would not be counted like a Reagan or a Kennedy as a great President, but would be ever remembered as a great humanist alongside the likes of Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

I would always love you Mr. Obama, the world will certainly miss the poised President Obama. Good Bye.

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4 thoughts on “Adieu to Obama

  1. Totally agree with you Rakesh. Obama was a great humanitarian but could do little with hands tied back as he had no support in major policy making avenues which were held by Republicans. A dignified and refined person indeed. Michelle Obama looks equally promising.

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  2. As the tenure of President Barack Obama sadly draws to a close, some may call this pre-mature, but I predict President Obama will be remembered as one of the most inspirational figures of our time, the millennial’s FDR, a champion of the people, the downtrodden, and the voiceless. Many of us are already preparing for what is next, but countless, such as myself, already miss him so dearly.


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