#BlogBuddy – real Chuddy-Buddy Dosts


They say the best friends are the ones we have during our tender ages. In Hindi there is a word to qualify such a friend- Chuddy-Buddy Dost. Yes such friends are nostalgic and hard to forget. The innocent friendships. Thanks to orkut then and facebook now, many of these friends are in touch these days. The initial euphoria is worth it when these friends hook up after twenty or thirty or even forty years. But thereafter dies the euphoria. What should middle aged talk with their chaddi-vaddi friends after the initial hi and wow?

Then we have the college friends. Adventures to share galore. The first booze or the bottoms up party, the first hookah bar, the first brothel house, the first love letter. The friendship was colourful, and the memories remains so. Again facebook brings them together may be after a decade long oblivion. “Those were the days” talk. Okay, but the days are over. Back to reality. Short tempered boss, nagging wife, naughty children, month end financial acrobatics. The friendship talk is over.

Oh, here comes the office colleagues, shall we say friends? Friends to talk office gossip, pull each other’s legs for that promotion. Masks, masks everywhere. Bonding over cigarettes, drinks or sales meets. I’ve seen many friendships bloom but go bust much faster. They were all payslip friends.

Finally, here comes the fraternity who shares the same love. The love for words. A fraternity who lights up the otherwise boring evenings. A plethora of subjects to ponder on. Articles which provoke thinking. Travelogues which takes us there. Real life experiences which touches our soul. Romances that takes the reader to eternity.

#BlogBuddy is here to chat all along to the heavens.

I’m #Blogbuddy with @Blogchatter, #BlogChatter with #Writeon Group.

6 thoughts on “#BlogBuddy – real Chuddy-Buddy Dosts

  1. What a wonderful post Rakesh! Love your insightful take on fleeting friendships that keep evolving and changing with life. Yes, the love for words is a powerful way to bond and I am sure here to stay! Great going buddy!

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  2. Nagging Wife huh 😉 ?? LOL !! Now no amount of blogging can get you through that !!
    Jokes apart .. I completely agree with you that at each phase and stage of our life .. we need friends to help us through or share the ups and downs.
    You’ll find the experience of being in a BlogBuddy Group tremendous and very very useful.
    Wish you and the #WriteOn group the very best and look forward to seeing more of your group at #BlogChatter.

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  3. Lovely post Rakesh and very well described the “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” which keeps changing at every phase of our life. Keep blogging and good to have you as a Blogbuddy in team #WriteOn.


  4. One thing I have noticed is that, of all social media networks, blogs reveal more about people. Specially lifestyle bloggers. It is easier to get to know them if we really try since there is barely any pretence. A passionate writer writes what is in his/her heart and a person’s blog is a reflection of his self (at least mine is). So yeah, I think with blog buddies, pretence might be a little less 🙂 Nice post.


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