Book Review- All of us in our own lives by Manjushree Thapa

Only Lady-authors can communicate heavy social issues through the finesse of family lives. I have been observing the Nepali brethren in our company premises and therefore could fully empathise with the author was trying to convey. It is heart-breaking to see they being mistreated in India. Life has been always an uphill task for the small nation, the struggle seems to increase as the times pass by.

Having said that, this novel is what we say a fine piece of art, taking us through various lives that capture the wholesome pulse of Nepal. Reminds me the novel “Inheritance of Loss” of Kiran Desai, in which she captures the life of Gorkha movement in Darjeeling. Also similar to “Lowland” of Jhumpa Lahiri, in which she encapsulates the essence of Naxal movement. I have become a fan of lady-authors, wherein they make you think through subtle hints about real issues.
Manjushree Thapa may be the next in line, after Arundhati,Kiran and Jhumpa…


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