Ra Ra Rasputin


Boney M was the undisputed Kings and Queens of Pop in the late seventies and early eighties before the storm called Michael Jackson decimated them. But there was a time when POP meant either BoneyM or Abba. Those NRIs who smoked 555s and Dunhills also flashed Cassettes and Gramophone discs of BoneyM to prove to us country Indians that they have evolved.

Based on a German folklore about a Russian peasant, a popular number which took the world by storm was Rasputin. The story of Rasputin goes like this. A peasant who got into the good books of Nicholas-2 the Czar during world war-1, he soon became the right hand of the monarch. The corridors of power was as always corrupt. People obviously got vexed with him and the storm of Bolshevik revolution was building up. People found fault with Rasputin for misleading the emperor ,squandering resources on war when citizens were dying of famine.

The rumours got around about his sexual escapades with none other than the queen, among many other rumours about his unending quests to quench his libido. Finally with the supposedly nod from the king Rasputin was poisoned to the utter dismay of the umpteen ladies who wailed his deaths openly.

Fast forward nine decades and we have his incarnation in Vladimir Putin. His escapades are galore be it the Chinese first lady or the numerous ladies the world over who would go weak on the knees. And there are many terrorists the world over who shiver on their knees when they hear his name. Be it the American Presidential Election being rigged with cyber attacks or the Billion dollar crude deal with China, Putin rightfully grabs the sobriquet of the most powerful person on the planet pipping Barack Obama to the post.

Desh ki neta kaise ho, Vladimir Putin Jaise ho! His fan club is increasing with the likes of Donald Trump and Narendra Modi.

Good Going Vladimir Putin, hope you do not perish like your name sake.

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5 thoughts on “Ra Ra Rasputin

  1. Rasputin is my all time fav song! I used to dutifully sing it in all family gatherings without understanding the lyrics, which I did at a much later stage in life. A colorful character and Putin is bang on in comparison. Well-written!

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