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It was in the late eighties that television took the Indian society by storm, through the Ramayans, Hum Logs and Chitrahaars. I was a starry eyed teenager then. Other than the Asian Games and the subsequent Cricket frenzy unleashed by Kapil’s devils, there was nothing that caught my imagination in the idiot box.

I remember having coming third in a state level quiz competition while I was in the 7th Standard. The prize was a quiz book which I cherish even now, that is, after thirty three years. Henceforth the word quiz and the thrill it gives to me while I could answer the questions, especially the ones nobody else had a clue about.

Sidhartha Basu’s Quiz Time was a national level inter-collegiate quiz which evoked much interest in me. Though majority of the questions were Greek to me, I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the participants. I still remember the finals between R.A. Podar college and St. Thomas College, and even shed tears when the Thrissur team lost.

Sidharta Basu kept on inspiring me later through the mastermind series. The Keiretsus of Japan was the subject I chose when years later I took this challenge writing my prelims in IIM Ahmedabad. The Derek O Brians, the Rajdeep Sardesais or the Pick Brain Balas are not a match for the quintessential Basu.

Today, myself hosting a weekly quiz in my company, to evoke interest in the colleagues for quizzing, I believe I’m doing it as a homage to the great quiz master Sidhartha Basu.

I wish I could go all the way back to the eighties to enjoy that Quiz Time sponsored by Amul Chocolates – A gift for someone you love.

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