Nuclear Flash-point aka Kashmir


18th September 2016, it was a usual Sunday morning for all of us Indians. Late and lethargic start with a steaming cup of tea, followed by a sumptuous brunch in an eatery with a round to the shopping malls and finally ending up in the cinema-hall to catch up with the latest highly rated Amitabh Bachchan movie. To add to the charm, it was gently drizzling all across the country bringing down the temperature to comfortable levels. Most of us, typical to the Sundays, did not even care to read the newspapers or catch up the latest TV news.

In the wee hours of that Sunday, 5.30 to be exact, a barricaded military post in the freezing town of Uri in Kashmir was not expecting an attack from the armed mercenaries. Not expecting would be a misnomer. Because any soldier who gets his posting to Kashmir, has a set of relatives back home, always expecting the bad news. Such is the magnitude of this wound that never gives a hope of healing . Or is it that somebody is keeping it as a forever bleeding wound ?

To answer this question, we need to find out who all gains from this impasse between India and Pakistan. An ongoing tussle between two parties means an increased and assured sale of weapons to some. If Russia, France and European Union makes merry of the increasing Indian defense budget, on the other side, the seemingly hostile USA and China lauds Pakistan each time it procures a F-16 or a Nuclear Warhead. If you ask me, this is nothing but a modern day cockfight, wherein the cocks may bleed but the onlookers enjoying every bit of this macabre sport.

Every time an #URI happens, the patriots and liberals fight it out in air-conditioned TV newsrooms. Some argue whether India should relent the restrain and attack Pakistan. These people are the ones who have never seen a war even on a screen. They do not fathom the black outs, the rations, the famine, the cut outs, the rapes, the massacres that are part of every war. Innocent women and children and young men dying to safeguard the egos of a few bald and grey haired leaders.

Each time, Pakistan Army or the Government faces a domestic issue, they crack something up in Kashmir, to divert their people’s attention. Each time a strong and headstrong government in Newdelhi tries to bring the state into some sort of order, the perplexed regional parties connive with the militants to create mayhem, so that public opinion goes against the central government. Neither Pakistan nor the political parties in Kashmir wants its people to prosper. It’s like the crony capitalism, one set of people needs to remain poor and as workers for the rest to prosper and enjoy.

When can I see my dear soldiers safe in their own country? When can I see Pakistan as a development oriented nation and not the one obsessed about India? When can I see a resurgent south Asia, no more pawns in the hands of neo-Imperialists.

Let peace prevail, let good sense prevail. Jai Hind.

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4 thoughts on “Nuclear Flash-point aka Kashmir

  1. You raised a very serious here, people like you and me hardly bother about serious issues and always are puppets in hands of politicians who rule and control without understanding the impact of every decision. To add on pak people are too like us and believe in peace it’s rulers who really don’t want to make things happen in a peaceful way and result is every other day a mother loses his son who fought valiantly for his Nation, to keep its flag up high.

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