Mohanlal – The Complete Actor

lalettan-3Manjil Virinna Pookkall, was a movie which came out in the early eighties. I have never seen this movie, since it came when I was a primary school kid. And it was a big no no for kids go for a movie, unless it is a Sholay or a My dear KuttyChaathan.

Among the little known newcomer Hero and the Heroine, people were asking who the hell is this new villain in the movie?

Twenty years passed, and in the late nineties, a Hindi movie called Company came out which was directed by star director Ram Gopal Varma. It had stalwarts like Ajay Devgan and the then heartthrob Vivek Oberoi. I had seen this much awaited movie based on the Dawood-Chotta Rajan face off. My hindi speaking friends who after seeing the movie were unanimously asking “who the hell was that Police Commissioner, he was too original”.


Welcome to one of world’s best actors, if not arguably the best actor in India as certified by none other than the Nation’s biggest superstar – Amitabh Bachchan.

I am not a particular fan of Mohanlal or Lalettan as his fans call him. But I have been awed by the sheer talent and versatility of this blessed actor. One of the reasons I prefer bigger than life actors like Rajani, Kamal or Mammootty is that they make me feel I’ve seen a movie. But Lallettan, makes it look like actual life, a person you come across everyday. Even when he plays a super-hero like Rajani in movies like Adu-Thoma or Rajavinte Makan, he brings in so much poise that we forget about heroics but focus on the finesse.


The characters he has played in Malayalam have been copied galore into other languages. But I’m yet to see an actor who could match his benchmark, even the great KamalHaasan failing in Drishyam equivalent in Tamil.

If you are wanting to see some of his best roles try out these movies with English sub titles – Kireedam, Vanaprastham, Bharatham, Dasaratham, and off late the latest release Oppam, which prompted me to write this blog. Thirty Six years and he continues to rule the roost when it comes to acting talent in the country.

Lalettan rocks!


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3 thoughts on “Mohanlal – The Complete Actor

  1. *Whistles* Polichu! 😀
    I haven’t actually watched Manjil Virinja Pookal. My childhood was Kilukkam, Kalippattam, Chithram and the likes. 🙂 I am not a fan either but I am immensely proud of our Malayalam film industry and its bounty. Be it scriptwriters, directors or actors. Even today’s actors like Nivin Pauly, Fahadh Fasil, Jayasoorya, Prithviraj are all equally good and versatile. 🙂

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