Name is Bond, Jane Bond!



I wish I were a James Bond 007:-

  • I drive the best of cars in the world.
  • I wear the best of suits in the world.
  • I wield the best of weapons in the world.
  • I travel to the most exotic locales on the planet.
  • And I drink Vodka Martini, Shaken not Stirred.

Still the World is not enough!

Because I’ll be called a man only if I could seduce the women of choice. Like the Axe deodorant Ad, I have that supernatural ability, so that the choicest ladies fall for me within a few lines of striking a conversation. Wow! I’m the ultimate male epitome.

What if the Name was Bond, not James Bond, but Jane Bond.

What if she had the privilege of having best of class items. What if she also proclaimed to the world that she could floor any good looking male with that squinted glance.

The nasty world, will it make her the ultimate lady epitome?

Time the world changes.

Time for “The name is Bond, Jane Bond”


This is part of the #MyFriendAlexa Campaign by #BlogChatter. Current Alexa rank in India is 254,648

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