Y Chromosome or Why Chromosome

y chromosome


I remember while my mother was carrying my younger sister, I used to ask her innocently, is it not paining you? Being already a nine year old by that time, I was not jealous with the younger one coming out of my mother’s womb, but was really concerned about the well being of my mother. Yes, I was selfish to think that if the child bothers her too much then she may not be able to take care of me. Yes, Man was always selfish.

My mother like the billions of mothers on the planet, never let me down. She took care of me oblivious of the hardships. With a fully bloomed pregnancy, she used to teach me the school lessons. I never had an opportunity to complain.

Today when I see a Trupti Desai and her ilk, it again takes me back to my selfish thoughts as a man. Why should I allow these women to the places reserved with privilege for we men. For a moment like all the men around, I also conveniently forget about the plight of those ladies who took all the pain to bring us morons into this world. 

The Mary Magdeleines of this world continue to be suppressed. Shani Shingnapur or Haji Ali may have opened up for them. But when will the society allow them to open up from the Hijabs, length of the skirts, jeans and the toilet-less homes? When will the world recognise Mary Magdeliene as the mother of Jesus’s children, thus emancipating her from being the pariah.

When will the world stop worrying about the trickling drops of blood from her private parts, and worry instead about the numerous cases of anaemia and malnutrition. When will the world recognise that triple talaaq and polygamy cannot be one-sided, if men can do that, women also should have the same rights. 

And lastly, when will we see a Jane Bond instead of a womanising James Bond as the British super spy? Look out for my next blog – “The name is Bond, Jane Bond”

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16 thoughts on “Y Chromosome or Why Chromosome

  1. Hi Rakesh, very well written!
    Being the younger sibling of two, I don’t know what my mother went thru while carrying me. But I’ve seen that my parents don’t differentiate between me or my sister in any way. We’ve both been treated the exact same way, and our parents have been extremely supportive of the two of us in all our endeavours. I’m truly blessed to have an older sister like her. .

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