Promise to a Friend



Promise is a Promise

Bhaiyon aur Bhahanom, the street politician starts his spree of promises. We as a nation has heard enough promises and has stopped taking them seriously. But hava these unfulfilled promises affected our relations.

No, we still give promises to our loved ones, and would go any extra mile to fulfil it. Be it that smart phone for the aging parent who get startled by seeing the whole world using it without giving them any clue what it is all about. Be it that kid’s movie you promise to show your young one if completes his study or do well exams. Be it that diamond necklace you promise to your better half in that heat of the moment.

Here is my friend who is single. He who is a philosopher. A globe trotter. A genius when it comes to engineering skills or anything which requires those extra brain cells. A philanthropist whose heart melts seeing the suffering of others.

Years back when we met during a German elementary class, where both of us had joined to befriend the beautiful girls in the faculty, little did we know we would end up as buddies. Camaraderie that was created in our quest to hunt in pairs. Though we ended up the classes just learning German and not getting lucky with the Cupid, we have no regrets.

Nearly twenty years have passed by, but the bond gets stronger. He remaining single and me a family man has not dented our camaraderie. Each year we meet to fulfil a promise of remaining friends. Each year we take a resolve to meet more often. And yes, meeting in person is not needed in today’s world of social media. But we ensure that our bond is not limited to facebook likes. We meet, till eventually time consumes one of us.

Yes, a promise is a promise. A friend is indeed a friend. Happy friendship day!

26 thoughts on “Promise to a Friend

  1. Oh that’s so lovely and you are so lucky that you have someone to call as real friend, otherwise everyone here is just the acquintances.
    Honestly I still has no one till now to whom I can say the yes he/she is my real friend.
    Cheers to your friendship 🙂

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  2. Such a heart touching reflection. I remember thinking about friendship this way back in the school days. Now I wonder how long has it been since I have had such feelings. A fast paced world forces us to make compromises, but reading your story tells me that sometimes it is best to compromise the world for something more important, like friendship.

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  3. The last line is perfect, we are not friends just for Facebook likes but instead make it a point to meet as well. These days most friendships start and end with just that – FB likes.

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