Serendipity, I was amused with this word which rhymes with my favourite whiskey, Antiquity. I normally unwind my tensions in life after one shot of Antiquity. After two down the throat, I start dreaming. I dream about how I am going to buy that sleek car effortlessly. Or driving that Harley Davidson like a youngster.

My mind wanders like that royal horse of ancient India, whose master, the King, would be conducting a Yagna called Aswamedha. It is said that horse can travel anywhere at its will and wherever it touches upon that region the King is supposed to bring under his control. The respective rulers if belligerent, would either succumb to the King’s might or has to defeat the king. The King who opts for Ashwamedha would be a formidable one, hence the obstinate rulers normally succumb. Intelligent ones work out a temporary truce by allowing the horse to roam around and later on claim their land back in a friendly way.

Then I take one more, and land in the space. Everything comes true the moment I crave about it. My name is the only one which company thinks about for the corner office. That beautiful girl on the next street I always had ogled at while on jogging, is falling for me as if I’m James Bond. Paradise beckons and I’m there.

Oh, suddenly someone reminds me of death. Death whispers me in the ears, that the greatest pleasure in this world is a painless death. The thought brings me back to sense with a thud. Reality bites back.

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