Caught Pants Down



We see the faces of different people every day. Some people are candid, but most wear masks. This is truer in the case of famous people. Gone are the days when we could have trusted our leading public figures for their moral uprightness. As we see in the movies, most of the public figures have a different face well concealed behind those masks.

If Gandhi and Nehru were caught for their dalliances well after their deaths, there are so many who were caught with their pants down during their life time. Kallenbach who was Gandhi’s close associate in South Africa had a relation more than friendship with Gandhi is well described in Leylweld’s book Great Soul. Nehru’s open flirting with Edwina Mountbatten was considered part of his western upbringing, and therefore could not make any impact. Then again Nehru had a thick skin, so the adequate sobriquet would have been “One Horned Rhino” than the venerable “Chacha”.

The newer breed are more shameless as we catch Digvijaya Singh lapping up a journalist. So is Shashi Tharoor who was floored by Mehr Tarar’s tweet. Tharoor who always swore by Twitter died by Twitter.

Then we had the big daddy literally amongst them. N.D. Tiwari it is said had fathered more than twenty children through illegitimate ways.

Today Melania Trump is not a shame for Donald, as he says it is very common in Europe. Bade bade deshom mein aise chote chote batein tho hote rehthe hain!


2 thoughts on “Caught Pants Down

  1. Such an apt line to conclude this article “bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain”. Well, the big shots can’t hide such things. With fame comes some harsh realities too! Another amazing piece of writing! 🙂

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  2. It is funny when we start listing down such things happening around us. Like a superstar can any day get away with murder.
    Haha! Though it isn’t something we should laugh about, you’ve nicely put across your point.

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