And Man Created God!



From times immemorial, the unknown has driven the imagination of people. From Atlas holding the earth, to a Varaha (boar) emancipating the earth, different people had their own versions of on whose lap mother earth was resting. And they always wanted to make the unknown remain as the unknown. See the struggles Aristotle and Galileo had to go through for revealing the truth.

See the kind of creativity that has been inspired from the possibility of finding life elsewhere in the universe. From the kids’ shows to Hollywood movies everyone is obsessed with the aliens and their unknown existence. All the creativity will come to a standstill once we discover the aliens.

Then again, lot of stories came out about the Bermuda triangle. It was even told that it is the trench created from the parting of Mars from the Earth. That’s why like Mars this triangle also is a bad omen.

Bad omen reminds me about astrology. The linking up of stars and planets some of them light years away with whether a person on earth will marry the right girl. Whether that black pussy by crossing his path has brought him the ill luck. More than domestic violence it is the red planet which has caused heartburn to hapless women worldwide.

OMG, Will that ghost look like Dracula or it will be like the spirit as in the story of Cinderella? Will it strike on a Friday or on midnight any day? Shall I show a cross to ward it off or should I recite those mantras?

That brings us to the mother of all unknowns. Somebody wanting to kill his fellow beings to earn those 72 virgins. Someone else wanting to renounce the worldly pleasures to enjoy eternity. Or somebody else leaving their dead to the vultures. Or another lot wanting to persecute themselves to compensate for the worldly sins so that they get those tickets to the heaven.

Yes, we are talking about religion, God and life after death. Nothing in this world has triggered more imagination than these three. As a person who enjoys fiction I have loved the unknowns, for they have given me so much to read and think. But what about those poor souls who are on the receiving end of all those imaginations?


6 thoughts on “And Man Created God!

  1. You leave us with a profound question Rakesh. I am currently reading ‘Chariots of the Gods’ so I fully empathize with the idea of our thoughts running away with self-forged imagination. Maybe sometimes what we don’t know is better left unexplained!

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  2. Interesting thoughts! To answer your last question… “Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”
    Thanks for joining us for this edition of BAR-A-THON, Rakesh!

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  3. I guess what we don’t know or understand makes us very very creative creative… remember all those ghosts in Aahat and all weird places they can be found. Theories aboutBermuda triangle is very intriguing… so many fascinating discussions revolve around it.

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