Beta Numbri, Baap Dus Numbri


Stranger than Fiction

It was in 1977, the first star war movie was released. It became an instant hit for being an imaginative marvel. The world rejoiced in seeing a futuristic movie which they expected their children to witness in reality as they grew up. Barely few years had passed, America’s dominant then President Ronald Reagan came out with startling retort to the Soviet Union’s misadventure in Cuba. Star Wars the world lovingly called it, though it was really called SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative). There was nothing left to imagination and movie paled in front of reality.

Later on we had the movies like air force one which hinted at events like 9/11. But here again fact was stranger than fiction, as no one ever imagined such a suicide mission.

Off late the N number of self-promoting Bond and other Hollywood propaganda went waste this week. We hear the story of Russians have had the last laugh in espionage, eating into the democratic electioneering process. CIA, MI6, 007, Mission Impossible, my foot.

We have heard about the aeroplanes and ships missing mysteriously in the stories. Herein, the real life Malaysian airlines miss is never to be found out, because we know who did that. Also we are now seeing the Indian AN-32 missing over the Bay of Bengal and nobody seems to be bothered. At least in the movies the hero finds out in the last, who is the culprit. But in real life, we may have to wait for 60 years, when somebody may write his death statement for the truth to come out.

If fiction is imaginative, then real-life is more than imaginative. Beta Numbri, Baap Dus Numbri.

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