Truimph of Trump


“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”, yelled Samuel Johnson. He must have meant those who make their political ends meet by inciting nationalism among their people in all probability at the expense of a hapless so called enemy nation.

Off late such leaders are on the rise. Adding fodder to such leaders is the fear generated the world over by the terrorist activities in the name of religion. When the major nations with huge diverse populations are on the verge of such extreme divisive ideas, the world is for sure stooping to a new low.

If one person who has set a trend for such radical leaders, it is none other than Vladimir Putin. His raw adventurism, be it riding a bear showing his torso, or openly flirting with the Chinese first lady in the presene of the Chinese president, has given a hero image for him. Added to it was the open defiance of USA, in invading part of Ukraine, which fetched him the sobriquet of World’s most powerful man. But what actually lifted his image as the messiah against terrorism, was the words he was supposed to said against the minorities in Russia, though the authenticity of this statement is doubtful.

It is this image of messiah which has resulted in the rise of such leaders whether Theresa May in England, Narendra Modi in India and offlate the authoritative Donald Trump. The rise of these leaders are mercurial, taking no time to dominate their respective nations. If it is a reaction to the religious fundamentalism elsewhere, then we are trying to bite back the mad dog.

Equally distrubing is the news coming out that the Russian intelligence is playing a surreptitious role is ensuring victory for Trump. Not that Hillary is a great candidate, but she is that proverbial one-eyed king in the land of blind.

World is at a crossroads, and the prolifiration of radical leaders and the camaraderie and mutual admiration between them will give a tough challenge for the peave lovers around the world. Wars have always put the peace loving general public in peril and pain.


One thought on “Truimph of Trump

  1. ‘Wars have always put the peace loving general public in peril and pain.’-Very true.But just because some people are misusing the patriotism of the people,we shouldnt take wrong decisions which will ultimately help anti-national forces.

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