Newsroom Catfight


It is said that the enmity between Duryodhan and Bheem started from their Gurukul. Their rivalry in wrestling grew with their age, spreading out into their families and finally resulting in the catastrophe whose name was Mahabharat war.

Fast forward to the NDTV studio of the nineties. Pronnoy Roy like Dronacharya was in fact running the gurukul for Indian TV journalists. Because till date we Indians could have only the stone faces on Doordarshan in the name of TV journalism. If Sardesai was the blue eyed Arjun, Barkha was the favourite Bheem. The most talented Duryodhan alias Arnab, was seething with revenge.

Time comes for the birds to leave the nest, and they all disperse to the neighbouring posh nests. Once given  level playing field, having coming out of the wings of the Guru, it became Doodh ka Doodh aur Pani ka Pani. In short, wheat was separated from the chaff.

Arnab ran like a Carl Lewis and won the race. As expected, bitching about him has started. Journalists whose names have been dragged into corruption tapes and who have been exposed for their double standards are trying desperately to take the moral high ground of the fourth estate.

What we see today is a public who are fed up with the TV journalism and are loving to go back to those good old Doordarshan days of Salma Sultan and Rimi Simon.

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