Number 13, Unlucky?


I had been to a five star hotel once and was put in their 14th floor room. Being a youngster those days, once I had decided to climb up the stairs. I almost got arrested for trying to break into somebody else’s room. The reason was I was actually trying to get into their 15th floor room instead. The hotel called the 13th floor its 14th one, to ward off ill luck or may be customers do not want a room in the 13th floor.

It is strange that people come out with theories to buttress this belief. Apollo 13, they say is the only mission to Moon which got aborted. Then why did space shuttle Columbia explode in mid-air?

They say, the Last Supper had 13 members and Judas was the 13th to enter the feast. Why can’t they accept Judas was the 12th man and the one among them was a female, named Mary. And Judas never betrayed anyone, it was just a fictional imagination of a Roman emperor four centuries later, to protect his throne.

Then the theory of Friday the 13th, falling air crafts and roaming spirits. What about all those air crafts, especially the Malaysian ones which had nothing to do with number 13. Why the spirits roam around in nations who have nothing to do with the Julian or Gregorian calenders.

Now if the Gallows have 13 steps, blame the one who made the Gallows, not the poor number.

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