Wartime CEO


Yahoo was once offered to take over Google at 1 or 2 Million USD. It then thought Google is not worth it. Google is today a $ 300 Billion Company.

Once Microsoft offered 48 Billion USD for Yahoo. Yahoo then rubbished aside it saying that it is worth much more than that. Bill Gates, Thumara aukaath math bhoolo , Yahoo commented.

Then came Marissa Meyer, a reject who lost out to Sundar Pichai in Google. She took over and gave statements about how she is going make Yahoo another Apple or at least an Orange.

She stopped talking only when she went for a maternity leave long enough to put Yahoo on the block. Burning Rome and fiddling Nero comparisons got sunk in the rush to get a buyer for a sinking ship.

In comes Verizon as a saviour giving some respect to the riches to rag company and its plain Jane CEO. And that too for a pittance of $4.8 Billion.

Moral of the Story: If you are a general in the army during wartime, you cannot run away for your personal issues. Or else better be a civilian.

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