Human to Donkey


Centuries back human beings sent their kids to Gurukul. There they lived with the teacher and his family, as one among them and learned the basics of life. Children evolved as complete human beings having learned cooking, serving the elders, fend for themselves.

As time passed by the concept of schools came in. We could see photographs of young children carrying slates to the school with a small tiffin box. Boys and girls enjoying their walks to the schools had inspired many romances, poets and writers giving such romances the finishing touches.

Time never stops, hence it brought in the English medium schools and its culture. Science became physics, biology and chemistry. Social studies became History, Geography and Civics. English became main English and Second English.

As subjects kept on segregating, the number of text books also increased. Then came rough book and note book. School diary extra. Add up special activity books like Painting. Library books of choice if any.

The other day it happened that I dropped my son to the school since his school-van driver was on strike. As I do not spare any opportunity to show love for my only child, I decided to pick up his bag to the second floor where his class room was.

I’m still undergoing physiotherapy for an aggravated slip disc while writing this. I’m really apprehensive whether my son after having studied all these subjects, will have the health when it matters to enjoy the fruit. Twenty kilograms of weight if somebody carries for 12 years, are we grooming them to be professionals or Porters?

Going by the theory of Darwin, soon the human race may start braying!

4 thoughts on “Human to Donkey

  1. OMG… seriously, i have seen small nursery kiddos carrying weights on their shoulders everyday and hence more cases of health problems in kids. I believe there should be a locker system to keep the books and keep the kids stress free of bags. Get well soon.

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