Rest Rooms


As a child I used to wonder, why the main room in any house is called the drawing room. Many thoughts flashed across my mind. Would people draw something in that room? In that case why can’t they do it in some other room? Or is it being the biggest room the owner must draw the maximum cash to build it? The question lingered in my mind till someone started calling it the living room.

Then again why living room? Do we live only in that room? Or is it symbolic that people have confined themselves to these small rooms, thus being selfish to the core, cutting down their social commitments? The question kept on poking my mind till someone started calling toilet as bath rooms.

I was wondering how come people come out of this room after taking bath so fast. Neither could I see them carry a towel, soap or other paraphernalia to carry out the ablution. I used to stare at the girl in my class who asked the Miss “Could I go to the bathroom” during an exam. Why on earth she wanted to take bath during an exam, to reduce the stress?

All the hell broke loose, when people started calling toilets as rest rooms. It was beyond my comprehension. Toilets most of the time are stinking and they want to take rest there? I thought the world is getting crazier.

But no more. Now I’m a married man and I know where I go to take rest.


This is day 8 submission to #HalfMarathon of #BlogChatter and #DailyChatter

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