Two Officers


I fail to remember any officer in India who had attracted so much attention and importance, than Mr. Raghuram Rajan has. Before this, if any officer had come anywhere near him, it was Mr. T.N. Seshan who made the nation realise that there exists a post called Chief Election Commissioner. Ironically, Seshan despite having created more controversies than Mr Rajan, not only managed to cling on till retirement, but made sure even his successors could carry forward the aura he had created.

So what made Seshan stick? One of the reasons was the then Prime Minister was a perfect gentleman called Rajiv Gandhi. A PM who allowed even his betenoires like V.P. Singh grow without any hindrance because he believed in democracy. If God gives me a boon to reverse one thing in history, I would without thinking for a second, diffuse that bomb which exploded in Sriperumbathur. Here was a man who saw India will develop only if it communicates well and therefore triggered the communication revolution in India.

Then again Seshan was a different breed altogether, a street fighter to the core. Given it to Seshan, he would have made mincemeat of Subramanium Swamy. And the person who recruited Swami as his henchman, would not have dared to do it against Seshan, knowing very well that he would get it back with interest.

Rajan could not stand any personal attacks given the person he his. And Rajan had delivered what he was supposed to, and doesn’t care a damn, since his reputation is already flying high and didn’t want to get into mud-slinging. Now once Rajan goes back, we can expect interest rates to fall which will be a bounty to highly leveraged industrial houses. All at the cost of Taxpayer’s hard earned money.

Part of #HalfMarathon by #Blogchatter and #Dailychatter, 6th day submission 

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