Day Dreamer



The baritone had first grabbed my attention when I was a 10 year old kid watching the movie Sholay. More than the rhythmic but deafening voice of the train, what fascinated me was the voice which stood over everything else when it said- ”Haath de do Viru” (Gimme your hand Viru).

More than 30 years have passed, but the baritone hasn’t softened down, but defying the aging theory has in fact got stronger. So when I finally received that clarion call from the organisers of the famous television show- Kaun Banega Crorepati, more than the money, it was the chance to hear the baritone sans the speakers or transmitters in between which propelled me to Mumbai.

Finally when I came on to the so called “hot seat”, after the gruelling finger numbing sessions, I learnt, that this seat burnt your ego more than the bum. The towering superstar the world bows down to, comes and physically lifts you up to the tall seat. And the tall seat is no match to be even with the persona grata the millions adore.

The questions rolled by one after the other. Gods were for sure with me. And why not, I’m sure even they must have assembled there to get a glimpse of the man running the show, and incidentally decided to support this perplexed man on the hot seat. Each of my life-lines came in handy proving the Gods had decided to stay put, much impressed with the superstar.

I had got through the 12th question and had already pocketed the 1 Crore cheque. As anticipation gave way to anxiety and restlessness, an innocent query came from the host – “What are you planning to do with the 7 Crore that you may win in the next few minutes?”

Thoughts flickered across my mind. Dating Deepika to playing Golf with Tiger, fantasy had no limits. Then again why dream about becoming a prince when you can become the monarch. Finally I settled to fly to Mars with Sonakshi.

There came the 13th question when the laughter and the mayhem settled down. Reminiscent of the Slumdog millionaire, the answer flew into the mind thanks to the stories my Grandma used to tirelessly tell to put me to sleep.

“Congratulations” – I wanted to hear in that Baritone voice complimented with that priceless hug. “Office gate aa gaya sir” (We have reached the office gate, sir) – Driver woke me up suddenly!

This is part of Day 5 submission of #HalfMarathon of #BlogChatter and #DailyChatter

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