I hate Apple

As a school student I had a hatred for Apple. Not Steve Job’s Apple, but the one which fell over Newton’s head. Calculus was giving so much nightmares that I had wished if Newton were to rest under a coconut tree, I would not have had to go through such a turmoil. But years later having seen the positive sides of calculus, I became an admirer of both Newton and his Apple.

As a child I had a hatred for Apple. Not Steve Job’s Apple, but the one that keeps the doctor away. The fruit that the moms world over thrusted into their little ones’ mouths, when all the kids were wanting to play. But later on when I became a parent, I started loving that Apple and all the moms world over who put their children’s health above everything.

As a revolutionary hot blooded youngster I had a hatred for Apple. Not Steve Job’s Apple, but the one Adam ate despite being forbidden. For that is one of those theories still tying humankind to the opium aka religion, which in all its ugliness is once again posing threat to human development. Along with the other theories like Pandora ’s Box, it puts the blame of evil on hapless women. Religions of men, by men, for men. God being a silent spectator.

As a middle-aged political thinker today I have a hatred for Apple. Yes Steve Job’s Apple. Every morning I open his device and I see all the wrong news creeping in. Young girls being made sex slaves. Priests molesting young boys. Bombs exploding in crowded places. Refugees sinking in the sea. Planes disappearing.

Mr. Jobs, you left us with a fabulous device, but do we really deserve it?

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8 thoughts on “I hate Apple

  1. Just a big wow.. the way u connect an Apple and the last stanza that proves the worth of the entire post, human really don’t deserve it. They are good as ignorant if they can’t keep their own race happy and content. What’s the use of conquering the universe. Absolutely futile. Kudos !

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