Messi & #Brexit.

There was a family of 28, which included brothers, sisters and cousins. They were all living as nuclear families, going through the troughs and crests of life on their own. One of them was Mr. Gerry, who was the strongest among them and he was doing well in life. It is then that he happened to read the famous bestseller “Who moved my cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson. Suddenly it dawned on him that a big fat fellow from across the seas is luring his customers away with cheap imports. So too was another fellow from the Far-East.

Gerry wanted to keep his house in order. He briskly did some quick networking and called for a family get together. He spent a fortune on the celebrations not only to flaunt his wealth but to help his next agenda. He proposed to his family members assured livelihood if they joined hands with him. The financial well-being of all will be taken care of by Gerry, only condition was all of them should now do business only in their common family name, of which Gerry was numero uno.

But there was a twist to this story. There was an unmarried lady named Mary in the family. She was very egoistic and was very much proud of her pedigree, to the extent that she never gelled with anyone in the neighborhood leave alone getting married. Like any other beautiful girl she also always wanted to get alongside a winner. One who can sweep her feet off. And she found all these qualities in the big fat fellow from overseas. Though she had joined the family out of sheer compulsion and peer pressure, she never could stand the bad breath of Gerry. She never could forget the fights both of them had during their younger days, two of them very serious, just for calling Gerry a moron. Though part of the family business now, Mary would gaze endlessly through the window into the sea, waiting for her white knight.

The cunning guy the white knight was, he kept on luring Mary away whenever he made rounds to sell his stuff. Mary soon became a nuisance for the family members though no one publicly expressed it for the love all of them had for the family. Moreover all of them were busy to resurrect a seriously sick young girl Grazy. Gerry was hell bent to save Grazy, that he apparently was oblivious of Mary’s liaisons.

Finally the day came when Mary opened up about her decision to be with the guy from overseas. Though everyone knew about and was expecting this, everyone gasped in an artificial look of surprise and sorrow. In their mind all of them thanked God that finally the bitch is leaving.

Welcome to the European Union.

Now you may be wondering what Messi has to do with this. Put Argentinian Football Federation in place of Gerry, FC Barcelona as the big fat guy and Messi as Mary. You have the triangular love story ready.

Bhai, Money hai tho Honey hai!

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