#BlogBuddy – real Chuddy-Buddy Dosts


They say the best friends are the ones we have during our tender ages. In Hindi there is a word to qualify such a friend- Chuddy-Buddy Dost. Yes such friends are nostalgic and hard to forget. The innocent friendships. Thanks to orkut then and facebook now, many of these friends are in touch these days. The initial euphoria is worth it when these friends hook up after twenty or thirty or even forty years. But thereafter dies the euphoria. What should middle aged talk with their chaddi-vaddi friends after the initial hi and wow?

Then we have the college friends. Adventures to share galore. The first booze or the bottoms up party, the first hookah bar, the first brothel house, the first love letter. The friendship was colourful, and the memories remains so. Again facebook brings them together may be after a decade long oblivion. “Those were the days” talk. Okay, but the days are over. Back to reality. Short tempered boss, nagging wife, naughty children, month end financial acrobatics. The friendship talk is over.

Oh, here comes the office colleagues, shall we say friends? Friends to talk office gossip, pull each other’s legs for that promotion. Masks, masks everywhere. Bonding over cigarettes, drinks or sales meets. I’ve seen many friendships bloom but go bust much faster. They were all payslip friends.

Finally, here comes the fraternity who shares the same love. The love for words. A fraternity who lights up the otherwise boring evenings. A plethora of subjects to ponder on. Articles which provoke thinking. Travelogues which takes us there. Real life experiences which touches our soul. Romances that takes the reader to eternity.

#BlogBuddy is here to chat all along to the heavens.

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Book Review- All of us in our own lives by Manjushree Thapa

Only Lady-authors can communicate heavy social issues through the finesse of family lives. I have been observing the Nepali brethren in our company premises and therefore could fully empathise with the author was trying to convey. It is heart-breaking to see they being mistreated in India. Life has been always an uphill task for the small nation, the struggle seems to increase as the times pass by.

Having said that, this novel is what we say a fine piece of art, taking us through various lives that capture the wholesome pulse of Nepal. Reminds me the novel “Inheritance of Loss” of Kiran Desai, in which she captures the life of Gorkha movement in Darjeeling. Also similar to “Lowland” of Jhumpa Lahiri, in which she encapsulates the essence of Naxal movement. I have become a fan of lady-authors, wherein they make you think through subtle hints about real issues.
Manjushree Thapa may be the next in line, after Arundhati,Kiran and Jhumpa…



Manes of a Queen


Manes reminiscent of a queen

Shines amidst the sunshine

Smiles light up a million hearts

Glance that pales a thousand Watts

Desire is thy name

Delight in your fame

Stroll like a wave

Still like a dove

Nod your beauty is a craft

God sure is a man of art

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Ra Ra Rasputin


Boney M was the undisputed Kings and Queens of Pop in the late seventies and early eighties before the storm called Michael Jackson decimated them. But there was a time when POP meant either BoneyM or Abba. Those NRIs who smoked 555s and Dunhills also flashed Cassettes and Gramophone discs of BoneyM to prove to us country Indians that they have evolved.

Based on a German folklore about a Russian peasant, a popular number which took the world by storm was Rasputin. The story of Rasputin goes like this. A peasant who got into the good books of Nicholas-2 the Czar during world war-1, he soon became the right hand of the monarch. The corridors of power was as always corrupt. People obviously got vexed with him and the storm of Bolshevik revolution was building up. People found fault with Rasputin for misleading the emperor ,squandering resources on war when citizens were dying of famine.

The rumours got around about his sexual escapades with none other than the queen, among many other rumours about his unending quests to quench his libido. Finally with the supposedly nod from the king Rasputin was poisoned to the utter dismay of the umpteen ladies who wailed his deaths openly.

Fast forward nine decades and we have his incarnation in Vladimir Putin. His escapades are galore be it the Chinese first lady or the numerous ladies the world over who would go weak on the knees. And there are many terrorists the world over who shiver on their knees when they hear his name. Be it the American Presidential Election being rigged with cyber attacks or the Billion dollar crude deal with China, Putin rightfully grabs the sobriquet of the most powerful person on the planet pipping Barack Obama to the post.

Desh ki neta kaise ho, Vladimir Putin Jaise ho! His fan club is increasing with the likes of Donald Trump and Narendra Modi.

Good Going Vladimir Putin, hope you do not perish like your name sake.

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Quiz Time

Image result for siddhartha Basu quiz time

It was in the late eighties that television took the Indian society by storm, through the Ramayans, Hum Logs and Chitrahaars. I was a starry eyed teenager then. Other than the Asian Games and the subsequent Cricket frenzy unleashed by Kapil’s devils, there was nothing that caught my imagination in the idiot box.

I remember having coming third in a state level quiz competition while I was in the 7th Standard. The prize was a quiz book which I cherish even now, that is, after thirty three years. Henceforth the word quiz and the thrill it gives to me while I could answer the questions, especially the ones nobody else had a clue about.

Sidhartha Basu’s Quiz Time was a national level inter-collegiate quiz which evoked much interest in me. Though majority of the questions were Greek to me, I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the participants. I still remember the finals between R.A. Podar college and St. Thomas College, and even shed tears when the Thrissur team lost.

Sidharta Basu kept on inspiring me later through the mastermind series. The Keiretsus of Japan was the subject I chose when years later I took this challenge writing my prelims in IIM Ahmedabad. The Derek O Brians, the Rajdeep Sardesais or the Pick Brain Balas are not a match for the quintessential Basu.

Today, myself hosting a weekly quiz in my company, to evoke interest in the colleagues for quizzing, I believe I’m doing it as a homage to the great quiz master Sidhartha Basu.

I wish I could go all the way back to the eighties to enjoy that Quiz Time sponsored by Amul Chocolates – A gift for someone you love.

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Nuclear Flash-point aka Kashmir


18th September 2016, it was a usual Sunday morning for all of us Indians. Late and lethargic start with a steaming cup of tea, followed by a sumptuous brunch in an eatery with a round to the shopping malls and finally ending up in the cinema-hall to catch up with the latest highly rated Amitabh Bachchan movie. To add to the charm, it was gently drizzling all across the country bringing down the temperature to comfortable levels. Most of us, typical to the Sundays, did not even care to read the newspapers or catch up the latest TV news.

In the wee hours of that Sunday, 5.30 to be exact, a barricaded military post in the freezing town of Uri in Kashmir was not expecting an attack from the armed mercenaries. Not expecting would be a misnomer. Because any soldier who gets his posting to Kashmir, has a set of relatives back home, always expecting the bad news. Such is the magnitude of this wound that never gives a hope of healing . Or is it that somebody is keeping it as a forever bleeding wound ?

To answer this question, we need to find out who all gains from this impasse between India and Pakistan. An ongoing tussle between two parties means an increased and assured sale of weapons to some. If Russia, France and European Union makes merry of the increasing Indian defense budget, on the other side, the seemingly hostile USA and China lauds Pakistan each time it procures a F-16 or a Nuclear Warhead. If you ask me, this is nothing but a modern day cockfight, wherein the cocks may bleed but the onlookers enjoying every bit of this macabre sport.

Every time an #URI happens, the patriots and liberals fight it out in air-conditioned TV newsrooms. Some argue whether India should relent the restrain and attack Pakistan. These people are the ones who have never seen a war even on a screen. They do not fathom the black outs, the rations, the famine, the cut outs, the rapes, the massacres that are part of every war. Innocent women and children and young men dying to safeguard the egos of a few bald and grey haired leaders.

Each time, Pakistan Army or the Government faces a domestic issue, they crack something up in Kashmir, to divert their people’s attention. Each time a strong and headstrong government in Newdelhi tries to bring the state into some sort of order, the perplexed regional parties connive with the militants to create mayhem, so that public opinion goes against the central government. Neither Pakistan nor the political parties in Kashmir wants its people to prosper. It’s like the crony capitalism, one set of people needs to remain poor and as workers for the rest to prosper and enjoy.

When can I see my dear soldiers safe in their own country? When can I see Pakistan as a development oriented nation and not the one obsessed about India? When can I see a resurgent south Asia, no more pawns in the hands of neo-Imperialists.

Let peace prevail, let good sense prevail. Jai Hind.

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Mohanlal – The Complete Actor

lalettan-3Manjil Virinna Pookkall, was a movie which came out in the early eighties. I have never seen this movie, since it came when I was a primary school kid. And it was a big no no for kids go for a movie, unless it is a Sholay or a My dear KuttyChaathan.

Among the little known newcomer Hero and the Heroine, people were asking who the hell is this new villain in the movie?

Twenty years passed, and in the late nineties, a Hindi movie called Company came out which was directed by star director Ram Gopal Varma. It had stalwarts like Ajay Devgan and the then heartthrob Vivek Oberoi. I had seen this much awaited movie based on the Dawood-Chotta Rajan face off. My hindi speaking friends who after seeing the movie were unanimously asking “who the hell was that Police Commissioner, he was too original”.


Welcome to one of world’s best actors, if not arguably the best actor in India as certified by none other than the Nation’s biggest superstar – Amitabh Bachchan.

I am not a particular fan of Mohanlal or Lalettan as his fans call him. But I have been awed by the sheer talent and versatility of this blessed actor. One of the reasons I prefer bigger than life actors like Rajani, Kamal or Mammootty is that they make me feel I’ve seen a movie. But Lallettan, makes it look like actual life, a person you come across everyday. Even when he plays a super-hero like Rajani in movies like Adu-Thoma or Rajavinte Makan, he brings in so much poise that we forget about heroics but focus on the finesse.


The characters he has played in Malayalam have been copied galore into other languages. But I’m yet to see an actor who could match his benchmark, even the great KamalHaasan failing in Drishyam equivalent in Tamil.

If you are wanting to see some of his best roles try out these movies with English sub titles – Kireedam, Vanaprastham, Bharatham, Dasaratham, and off late the latest release Oppam, which prompted me to write this blog. Thirty Six years and he continues to rule the roost when it comes to acting talent in the country.

Lalettan rocks!


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The Legend of Onam

The legend of Mahabali has intrigued the whole lot of people all these years. Though it was Lord Indra who felt insecure because of the huge popularity and growing acceptance of Mahabali among not only the Asuras and Manavas  but even among the Gods.Even Lord Vishnu of whom Mahabali was an ardent worshiper was bowled over by the ethics and benevolence of this King.

The egalitarianism espoused by the ruler is widely considered as the first communist rule in the world by many of the lungi wielding comrades of a small southern Indian state. It is this small but beautiful state which even now celebrates the rule of this supposedly demon king. Kerala folklore praises this rule as the one in which everyone were equal, where there was abundance , prosperity and utmost peace and security in the society.

The story of Mahabali in short goes like this:-

Prahalad was the son of Hiranyakashapu. Hiranyakashupu was a Vishnu-hater, and the more hatred he showed for Vishnu the more attracted his son became to the Lord. Finally irritated with his son’s love for God, the Father challenged him to show the proof of God. The God out of rage appeared in the form of a Lion and killed the Father in front of the son. So much for the Lord’s discretion.narasimha

Prahlad thereafter took over the Asura kingdom and ruled a Golden and ascetic rule. It was no surprise that his grandson imbibed all the qualities and brought in an even better rule. Indra who was so possessive about his throne, was the first cry foul to Lord Vishnu. The complaint was, only Lord Vishnu was being worshipped in the kingdom. No other deity including himself was being allowed to be worshipped.

Vishnu saw some substance in the argument and wanted to restore secularism in the land. Knowing that Mahabali was the ultimate philanthropist who took pleasure in donating to the needy, the Lord decided to hit the iron when it was hot. A yagna was being performed by the king and any Brahmin who happened to visit the Yagna was fulfilled with all their wishes.

Vishnu took the disguise of a short and pious brahmin and visited the Yagna. Seeing the Brahmin, the king sought how he can help the Brahmin. Brahmin was cynic about the king saying that he could not fulfil the wishes. The king was taken aback and hence proclaimed that whatever be the wish, even if it’s his life, he would donate it to the Brahmin. These words were music to the Brahmin’s ears.

Brahmin wished three feet of land, and the king in his enthusiasm and pride, agreed to give the three feet of land, saying that the Brahmin should have asked for more. The brahmin before taking his steps had to clean his feet. The king was about to clean the feet by pouring water from his pitcher. Shukracharya was the Guru of Asuras, and he could foresee the foul-play. To give a signal to the king he transformed himself into a drone and blocked the water-path of the pitcher.The Brahmin being the God, took a small stick and poked the drone out, thus breaking one eye of the Guru. Guru took his original form back with a bleeding eye, seeing which the king understands what was going on.

But Mahabali being a man of virtue insisted that come what may, he will stand to his promise of satisfying the Brahmin’s wishes. The Brahmin by then had taken the universal form of the Lord. With his first step he measured the whole of earth. His next step was enough to cover the rest of the known universe and the skies. “What do you have next?”, the Brahmin sarcastically asked. The King bowed down on his knees and offered his head in front of the Brahmin. vaman

The Brahmin before submersing the King to the Nether world asked for the last wish. The King said once in a year he wanted to return to his people and see how they are living. Lord was more than happy to agree to his disciple’s wish.

People of Kerala welcomes their erstwhile King every year, showing off in their best to make the King happy. As they say, one is supposed to celebrate this festival called Onam even by selling off one’s only belongings.

Here is a King whose spirit gets stronger with every passing year. Indra, “You might have the Throne, but here is a man, oops demon, who keeps our hearts forever.

Lal Salaam, Comrade Mahabali!onam_king_mahabali_english

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Name is Bond, Jane Bond!



I wish I were a James Bond 007:-

  • I drive the best of cars in the world.
  • I wear the best of suits in the world.
  • I wield the best of weapons in the world.
  • I travel to the most exotic locales on the planet.
  • And I drink Vodka Martini, Shaken not Stirred.

Still the World is not enough!

Because I’ll be called a man only if I could seduce the women of choice. Like the Axe deodorant Ad, I have that supernatural ability, so that the choicest ladies fall for me within a few lines of striking a conversation. Wow! I’m the ultimate male epitome.

What if the Name was Bond, not James Bond, but Jane Bond.

What if she had the privilege of having best of class items. What if she also proclaimed to the world that she could floor any good looking male with that squinted glance.

The nasty world, will it make her the ultimate lady epitome?

Time the world changes.

Time for “The name is Bond, Jane Bond”


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